Why Did Ronda Rousey Retire From the UFC? | Explained

Ronda Rousey was one of the UFC's biggest stars who dominated Women's MMA, until she abruptly retired.

But why did Ronda Rousey Retire From the UFC? In this page, we will explain everything.


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Why Did Ronda Rousey Retire From the UFC?

Ronda Rousey retired from the UFC due to a few reasons including: losing back to back bouts through vicious knockouts, losing the passion to fight in MMA, and wanting to start her own family with her husband Travis Browne.

To better understand her decision, you will need to understand Rousey's background, and her perspective on a certain topics.

Rousey Battles Depression After Olympics

Ronda Rousey famously suffered through depression winning a Bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics.

She explained that after the 'highs' of being one of the few in history to secure a medal, she fell into a depression as she no longer had goals to work towards.

The uncertainty after the Olympics was really hard. Because after the high of having a medal, I fell into a deep depressions of not having any goals. I just kind of felt like I was done with judo. And judo wasn’t making me happy anymore, so I had to figure something out,” Rousey recalls in the film.  

Rousey Transitions to MMA

She would eventually transition into MMA, and have massive success piling up a 12-0 record as well as finishing all 12 of her opponents through submission or knock out.

Only 3 months after obtaining her 12th win in only 34 seconds, she would defend her belt versus Holly Holm.



Rousey Fights Holly Holm

Holm was known as a successful kickboxer and boxer, specifically winning multiple championships in boxing and defending her titles 18 times in 3 weight classes.

Critics wanted to see if Rousey would be able to strike with Holm, and if not, if she'd be able to take her down through her Judo expertise, and add a 13th victim to her record.

Holm would use her elusive movement, crisp boxing, and solid footwork to pick apart Rousey from a distance, and Rousey was never able to take the fight to the ground, or have an answer to Holm's strikes.

Eventually, Holm would land a devastating head kick, to secure one of the biggest upsets in MMA history, and the first loss in Rousey's career.



Rousey Faces Amanda Nunes

Rousey would go radio-silent for 13 months before returning to fight for the Bantamweight championship once again.

Only by then Holm had lost the title, and Rousey would face one of the best finishers in the world, in Amanda Nunes.

Something controversial also occurred leading up to the fight, as this fight was almost exclusively promoting Rousey's return with little to no mention of Amanda Nunes, the current champion.

In Rousey's return, Nunes would steamroll through Rousey in only 48 seconds. Nunes would overwhelm Rousey with devastating and accurate strikes, and Rousey look completely over matched.

Rousey After MMA

Rousey would then go radio silent once again, and eventually take her talents to the WWE for a short while, before stepping away from that sport, as she would start her own family shortly after.



Who Made Ronda Rousey Retire?

Amanda Nunes was Rousey's last UFC fight, as she would TKO Rousey in only 48 seconds of the first round. Additionally, Rousey was interested in starting a family of her own, and she would welcome her first child in 2021.

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