Why is Conor McGregor So Famous? | All You Need to Know

Conor McGregor is the most recognizable figure in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

In this guide, we will cover McGregor's journey to stardom, explain why Conor McGregor is so famous, and how he became this famous.

    Why is Conor McGregor So Famous?

    After becoming a double champion in the Cage Warriors organization, McGregor would be signed to the UFC and make an immediate impact.

    McGregor used his charisma on the microphone to talk trash to his opponents leading up to the fight, and then back up his trash talk by knocking out almost all of his opponents on his way to becoming champion.

    Conor McGregor was a trailblazer in the UFC, but it didn't happen overnight.

    McGregor Signs With the UFC

    During Dana White's first dinner with McGregor, he would say:

    I went to dinner when we first signed him, he flew out here to Vegas and he and I went to dinner. It was my first real interaction with him. When I left that dinner, I called my partner Lorenzo [Fertitta] and said ‘Let me tell you what, I don’t know if this kid can fight or not. But if he can even throw a punch, he’s going to be a massive superstar.

    McGregor wouldn't disappoint as he would knock out his opponent Marcus Brimage in the first round.

    McGregor would then rack up 5 straight wins, 4 of them coming by way of TKO, including a win against Dustin Poirier, earning a fight for the Featherweight belt against Jose Aldo.

    Birth of Mystic Mac

    After his TKO against Poirier, McGregor's charisma would shine as he would say:

    I said I'd knock him out in the first round, and I knocked him out in the first round. You can call me Mystic Mac because I predict these things.

    However, Aldo would pull out due to a rib injury, and McGregor would face Chad Mendes for the Interim Featherweight championship.

    McGregor would survive several takedowns and vicious ground and pound from Mendes, to come back and TKO Mendes in the second round.

    McGregor's Trash Talk & Mental Warfare

    As impressive as McGregor's performance was inside of the octagon, perhaps nothing was more impressive than his trash-talking against his opponents, especially Jose Aldo.

    Aldo and McGregor would go on a world tour promoting their fight, and McGregor would antagonize Aldo at every turn.

    No matter how big or how small, McGregor was ready to 'poke the bear', as he would:

    • Curse at Aldo in Portuguese (in Aldo's only language)
    • Take Aldo's belt during a press conference
    • Wear Aldo's belt in the room next to Aldo
    • Tell Aldo that he smells fear in him, a 'Beautiful Aroma that arouses me'
    • Sit behind him during a TV show, talk to him, and touch his shoulder
    • Tells the translator to let Aldo know that "I'm his daddy"

    From Double Champion to Fighting Floyd Mayweather

    McGregor would defeat Aldo in a mere 13 seconds and fight Nate Diaz twice before moving up to challenge for the Lightweight belt.

    He would put on one of the most masterful championship performances, easily countering Alvarez with precise shots, while stuffing his takedowns.

    McGregor would become the first 'Double Champ' in the UFC, holding two belts at the same time.

    At the UFC 205 press conference, McGregor would be asked what is next for him.

    He would go on to say:

    “I’m looking around, I don’t know what anyone else has for me around here.“I might have to jump up and f**kin’ drag Floyd Mayweather out of bed and see what the f**k he’s at.”

    McGregor Fights Floyd Mayweather in a Boxing Match

    That interview planted the seed to the Mayweather fight and against every obstacle, the UFC and Mayweather promotions were able to strike a deal.

    McGregor and Mayweather would have some of the most epic press conferences, as they went on their world tour to promote their fight.

    McGregor would lose the fight via TKO, but his net worth would quadruple as he would earn 100 million dollars for his fight.

    Birth of Proper 12

    McGregor then used his earnings to launch his Whiskey label known as Proper 12.

    Proper 12 would surge in popularity and McGregor would land on the list of the world's 10 highest-earning athletes, having made $180 million in 2020.

    Out of the $180 million earned, only $22 million was made from fighting that year.

    As popular as McGregor already was, having his Whiskey propelled him even higher in terms of popularity and net worth.

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