Why is Conor McGregor's Ear Like That? | Easily Explained

When you see the ultra-popular fighter on TV, you'll immediately notice his accent, his unapologetic trash talk, and his skin-tight suits.

Then if you look a little closer, you'll notice his ear is a little deformed and wonder "Why is Conor McGregor's Ear like that?".

In this page, we will explain.

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Why is Conor McGregor's Ear Like That?

Conor McGregor has a cauliflower ear, something that is common for MMA fighters to have.

A cauliflower ear occurs when the external part of the ear receives trauma and a blood clot is developed.

In MMA, cauliflower ears most often occur when grappling, wrestling, and even in the clinch.

Grappling And Cauliflower Ears

When grappling, fighters are constantly fighting for the better position, and a big part of winning the position battle is head placement.

Grapplers are constantly rubbing heads (both purposefully and accidentally) and the ears are on the receiving end of the trauma.

When enough trauma occurs against the ear, the ear will fill up with blood, and if the blood is not drained, it will harden and create a cauliflower-ed ear.

Conor McGregor's BJJ Rank

McGregor is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one belt before the Black Belt rank.

Seeing as how on average it takes 6-8 years to become a brown belt, it's safe to say that McGregor has put hundreds, if not thousands of hours on the mat.

Why is it Called Cauliflower Ear?

It's due to the ear deforming and resembling the vegetable, cauliflower.

cauliflower vegetable

Is Cauliflower Ear Reversible?

Once a cauliflower ear develops, it's not reversible, which is why it's so important for fighters who develop it to take care of it instantly.

Unfortunately, the hard truth is that many MMA fighters who start out their careers as MMA amateurs don't get paid much, and once they've made it as a professional, they typically don't get paid a life-changing amount of money until after their first contract ends.

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