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Chain Wrestling is one of the most important sequences that a wrestler can learn.

In this page, we will explain what Chain Wrestling is, why it's important, and how to become a Chain Wrestler.

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What is Chain Wrestling?

Chain Wrestling is a high-level wrestling technique where a wrestler is able to seamlessly transition from one move to the next, without having to think about it. Chain wrestling solves the problem of using the same failed move during a match, by immediately transitioning into the next move, to the surprise of the opponent.

chain wrestling sequence

Why is Chain Wrestling Important?

If you've ever seen a match where the same 3-4 moves are stuffed by the opponent, you'll immediately understand why chain wrestling is important.

Chain wrestling allows for a wrestler to have multiple answers to every move that an opponent makes.

Additionally, it allows a wrestler to already be looking for an opening to the next move, while the opponent is busy defending the first one.

It's much easier to land a move when an opponent is out of position, and not ready for it.

For example, if you shoot in for a high crotch, and the opponent reacts with a cross down block, you can pull the elbow, change the knee with a drag, and then even go through an additional 2-3 moves as well to complete the chain wrestling sequence.

How to Become a Chain Wrestler

Creating Muscle Memory

The only way to get so good at something that you can do it without thinking is by creating muscle memory through repetition.

Drilling the sequences from start to finish is the goal, however when you're first starting, you may have to break down the sequence move by move until you feel more comfortable.

Below there's a drill shown by 4 time Division 1 All-American Gregor Gillespie, that works on the chain wrestling of both opponents.

It allows both opponents to get great cardio work in while developing the coveted muscle memory.

Developing Great Cardio

In order to successfully Chain Wrestle more than one time, you'll have to develop great cardio.

This can be built through drilling the actual sequence countless of times, as well as by doing exercises focused on developing cardio such as long distance running, biking, and even swimming.

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