Why Are Boxing Shorts So Big? | Explained

Compared to other combat sports, the Boxing shorts look a lot larger and heavier on the fighters.

In this page, we will go over why Boxing shorts are so big, why they're high up on the waist, and what benefits these larger shorts provide.

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Why Are Boxing Shorts So Big?

Larger Groin Protector

In boxing, the groin protector is much larger, as it wraps around the entire waist and it is much thicker and bulkier in general.

Boxers don't have to worry about sprawling to avoid take downs, or putting their opponent's arm in between their legs to secure an arm bar.

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The boxing cup accurately reflects that, as it provides better absorption against illegal blows below the belt.

No Grappling or Leg Kicks in Boxing

In Boxing, fighters only have to worry about fighting standing up, and they don't have to worry about dealing with take downs, or even checking kicks.

Due to this, the Boxing shorts are much larger, as other fighters will not be able to grab onto their shorts to their advantage when grappling.

This is the same reason why you'll see wrestlers fight in singlets, as that piece of clothing is skin tight to minimize the grabbing of clothes.


Additionally, if there were leg kicks, fighters would have to worry about their feet or toes accidentally getting caught in the larger boxing shorts.

Air Circulation

Boxing is arguably the hardest sport in terms of conditioning, as the fights are much longer than MMA (Boxing = 12 x 3 minute rounds, MMA = 5 x 5 minute rounds).

Although you may initially think that bulkier shorts can be more taxing on a fighter, larger shorts actually provide better air circulation around the body.

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Lastly, larger shorts provide more room for sponsorship opportunities.

Floyd Mayweather, the most financially successful fighter in history has made more money off of just Boxing short sponsorships, than most fighters make for their actual purse.

The earning power of Mayweather’s brand has led his sponsorship partners, One Entertainment, to request up to $15.5 million for six sections on the boxer’s shorts, $3.5 million for his waistband and $1.5 million for a 4in x 2in patch on the front thigh of his shorts. They are asking $1 million for his robe and $1 million for his ‘victor’s cap’.



Why Are Boxing Shorts so High Up on the Waist?

There is a rule in Boxing where fighters can only strike 'Above the belt'.

Knowing this, fighters willingly wear their shorts higher than their waistline in order to minimize the amount of surface area that their opponents can hit to the body.

Fighters must hit above the belt line in order to avoid being penalized during the fight.

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