Are Darren Till's Teeth Real? | Easily Explained

Darren Till's teeth have been a large topic of conversation, at times even more so than his actual fights.

In this page we will cover whether his teeth are real, if he had a procedure done for them, and who his teeth are similar to.

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Are His Teeth Real?

Although Darren Till used to have real teeth, he recently had a procedure done to replace all of his teeth. He would tell Ariel Helwani in an interview that not one tooth inside of his mouth is his actual tooth, that all 26 teeth were fake.

Helwani would begin this interview by complimenting Till's teeth and inform him that they were impeccable.

He then wondered how they were so perfect, and asked Till "What's going on there?". Till would respond in the below video:

Are They Veneers?

Helwani would then ask Till what type of procedure he had done, and if his teeth were veneers. Till would answer:

I haven’t got a clue I just went to the dentist and I said ‘I want these teeth like this.

Before And After

In the below Reddit picture, you can clearly see Till's dental work from before and after.

Prior to the dental work, he had a 'gap' on each side of his mouth, and now his teeth fill up his entire mouth.


What Did He Tell His Dentist

Till would explain that he told his dentist that he wanted his teeth similar to the Liverpool player, Roberto Firmino.

Firmino of course, is (also) known for having radiantly white and perfect teeth.


However Till would be adamant that he didn't want his teeth as white as Firmino's, as he demanded that they needed to be a 'Few shades darker'.

The most surprising aspect about all of this is that he didn't decide to get dental work done due to receiving injuries in his MMA career.

For someone who gets paid to fight other people for a living, one would assume that dental injuries would be part of the reason why he would decide to get new teeth.

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