What Does Khamzat Chimaev Look Like With Hair? | Pictures

Khamzat Chimaev is known for his dominant performances in the UFC, along with his massive beard, and shaved head.

However for a period of time, Khamzat would seemingly begin to grow his hair out.

In this page, we will show you what Khamzat Chimaev looks like with hair.

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What Does Khamzat Chimaev Look Like With Hair?

Khamzat has been seen in public sporting his hair grown out twice, and he looks quite different.

The first time, pictures of when he was a teenager had made their rounds around the internet, and the second is most recently when he let his hair grow.

16 Year Old Khamzat

Below you're able to see 16 year old Khamzat wearing a leather jacket, looking directly at the camera, with the longest hair that he has ever been seen with in public.

Although it's common for teenagers to go through a phase of seeing how long their hair can grow out, it's still very shocking to see Khamzat with this type of hair.

We've definitely grown accustomed to seeing him with a shaved head of hair, and at times with his hair a little bit grown out.

Khamzat in Training Camp For Gilbert Burns

Khamzat would begin training with Darren Till (who would recently get a teeth makeover), and eventually form a friendship as well.

During this time, cameras would record the pair working on strength and conditioning outside of the cage, as well as pad work and wrestling inside the cage.

What was immediately noticeable was that Khamzat was not sporting his traditional 'Shaved head' look.

Although it was not nearly as long as it was during his teenage years, it was much longer than he normally keeps it.



In the above Instagram post, you can see a sweaty Khamzat with his hair grown out, and even being parted to the side.

He would even be interview by BT Sport ahead of UFC 273, and he would participate in the entire interview sporting this same hair.

Why Does Khamzat Shave His Head?

During training Khamzat would be seen on camera exchanging words with Darren Till, and letting Till know that shaving his head as well as shaving his mustache would make him a better wrestler.

Although he may have been half-joking, it's no secret that MMA fighters who have followed this appearance have had massive success inside of the octagon.

What Does Khamzat Look Like Bald?

Early in his career, Khamzat would have not only bald head, but no beard as well.

He would be seen inside of the cage fighting against an opponent, without his massive beard and shaved head that the MMA world has grown accustomed to.

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