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In this page, we'll go over whether or not the UFC is fake, a fighter being jailed for trying to fix a fight, and WWE stars in the UFC.

Is the UFC Fake?

The UFC is absolutely real. It is organized fighting inside of an octagon, where two fighters are able to use their hands, feet, elbows, knees, and even shoulders to win the fight.

There is nothing scripted about the fight, as fighters are trying to win at all costs, no matter the (legal) way that they do it.

Fighter Jailed For Trying to Fix a Fight

Several years ago, former UFC fighter Tae Hyun Bang was sentenced to 10 months in prison for attempting to fix a UFC fight.


Investigative authorities confirmed that Bang agreed to lose the first two rounds versus his opponent, however he decided in the last minute that he would not go through with it after all.

The reason for this is that there was a sharp, sudden shift in betting patterns in gambling sites, which prompted UFC officials to meet with both fighters prior to the fight and warn them about the consequences if this was the case.

Bang was originally the favorite against his opponent, but only hours before the fight the line changed dramatically, to the point where his opponent became the overwhelming favorite.

This was an immediate red flag for UFC officials, and something that was quickly addressed as it could compromise the integrity of the sport.

WWE Stars in the UFC

The WWE is the World Wrestling Entertainment which focuses on scripted entertainment.

There are story lines set out for each super star, and the winner of the match is also cemented ahead of time.

When two WWE stars transitioned over to the UFC, it was only natural for casual fans to question whether it would be scripted in the UFC as well.

Brock Lesnar

Lesnar is a former Division 1 NCAA heavyweight champion, who had an impressive wrestling career prior to the WWE.

When he transitioned to the UFC, he was able to rely on his superior wrestling to have massive success in the cage.

Lesnar became the UFC Heavyweight champion in a shocking 4 professional fights under his belt. Along with his physique he had enormous strength and athletic ability.

CM Punk

CM Punk had the opposite experience that Lesnar did, as he would go on to be underwhelming inside of the cage.

Unfortunately for him, his lack of experience was immediately apparent. He would fight twice in the UFC and lose both.

In his first fight, Mickey Gall started the fight by pretending to load up on a haymaker punch, before quickly going for the takedown successfully.

After that, the fight was pretty much over as CM Punk was unable to do much of anything, and he was submitted shortly after.

Made Up Controversy

If not many people decided to watch their fights, UFC fighters would not make much money (Through Pay Per View points).

Which is why, at times there is made up controversy in order to get more eyes on the sport.

Famously Colby Covington went from relatively unknown, to being one of the most hated fighters in the UFC.

despite sporting an impressive 12-1 record, Covington was actually not going to get re-signed by the UFC. They allegedly didn't like his style of fighting, and his lack of entertainment on the microphone.

After his fight with Damien Maia, 'Chaos' indeed began. Despite being in hostile territory (in Brazil vs a Brazilian), he called all of the Brazilians 'Filthy animals' and went on to state that where they lived was a 'dump'.

Shortly after that he would insert himself into politics, and never look back, ensuring that he was constantly in the spotlight.

This worked out well for him as his plan worked perfectly, his purse skyrocketed, and he was also able to capitalize on this through sponsors.

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