How to Win Fight of the Night Bonus in UFC 4 | Explained

In this page, we will explain exactly how to win the Fight of the Night bonus in UFC 4, and what the game looks for in order to award the bonus.

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How to Win Fight of the Night Bonus in UFC 4

The Fight of the Night Bonus in the actual UFC (real life), is awarded to each competitor who participated in the best fight of the evening.

It only makes sense that in the UFC 4 game, it's the same way.

The easiest way to win the Fight of the Night Bonus is to have an exciting, back and forth fight with your opponent, that goes the entire distance.

fight of the night ufc 4

Both you and your opponent will have to have success during the fight, as well as endure hardships (taking damage), being in danger of losing the contest.

You'll want to aim to:

This is by far, the hardest UFC 4 bonus to attain during your career.

Tips on Attempting to Get the Bonus

If you are already decent at the game, it will require extra patience as you will have to let your opponent land some shots and have success.

If you're new to the game, you'll simply fight the way you know how, and chances are that you'll take naturally take on damage along the way.

If you finish the fight too soon, you'll most likely win the 'Performance of the Night' bonus, rather than the Fight of the Night one that you're focusing on.

wrestling power takedown ufc 4

Cons of Attempting Fight of the Night

Decreased Longevity of Your Fighter

Due to the increased amount of damage that you can take, your longevity meter will fill begin to fill up.

When your longevity meter becomes full, your fighter will be forced to retire.

This is why you'll want to be very careful when attempting to obtain the FOTN bonus.

If you try attempt to get the bonus several times, your fighter's longevity can be massively impacted as they'll take on unnecessary damage along the way.

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