Why is UFC 4 Not Working? | Easy Fix

If you've played any online games in your lifetime, there's a good chance that your favorite game has inexplicably stopped working.

In this page, we will explain why your UFC 4 game may not be working, and the steps that you can take to fix it.

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Check For a Game Update

I can't count how many times I've played UFC 4 the day prior, left the game on the main menu screen and then shut off the Xbox.

ufc 4 menu screen

The next day I would turn the Xbox back on and try to pick right back up where I left off.

Only, the game wouldn't work and would seemingly keep freezing.

The reason for this is due to needing a game update.

You can fix this by clicking the Xbox button on your controller, heading back to the home screen, clicking the start button on your controller and clicking 'Quit'.

ufc 4 quit game

This will quit the game altogether, and when you attempt to click the UFC 4 game, it will let you know that an update is needed and is beginning.

You'll have to wait until the update is done before being able to play the game again.

Roster Update

You should also be aware that EA games also do roster updates.

However these are done once you're inside of the game (actually logged in), and they often take less than a minute to complete.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you head back to the Xbox dashboard and notice that you aren't able to see any of your friends online, or play any other game, it may be your Internet connection.

Restart Your Router

It seems that the first solution to any internet problems is to restart your router.

Ironically, this fixes most problems.

The most effective way to restart your router is by power cycling your router.

After you've done this, you can wait until your router is back up and running and launch UFC 4.

Are EA Servers Down?

A very rare occurrence but still a possibility is that EA servers may simply be down or experiencing issues at the moment.

are ea servers down

You'll want to check DownDetector, which is a site where users can report whether they are experiencing some type of issues with the EA servers.

The higher the color on the chart, the more outages that were reported at that specific time and day.

Play Offline Mode

If this is the case, you should know that there's an offline mode that is available.

In offline mode, you can participate in practice sessions, tutorials, and additional training to work on your techniques.

If you have more than one controller, there are also fights and tournaments that you're able to set up with to play against a friend (offline).

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