Is Anthony Joshua in the UFC? | Explained

Over the last few years, Anthony Joshua and the UFC have been interlinked on the Internet.

In this page, we will go over why that is, and if Anthony Joshua is in the UFC in any capacity.

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Is Anthony Joshua in the UFC?

Anthony Joshua and the UFC have been linked together as he was introduced in the UFC 4 game in 2020.

is anthony joshua ufc

However, Anthony Joshua is not in the actual UFC organization, as he is one of the most successful Heavyweight Professional Boxers on the planet.

In fact, BoxRec has ranked Anthony Joshua in the world's top ten heavyweights for almost 10 years (beginning in 2014).

Anthony Joshua's Boxing Credentials

  • 2 Time Gold Medalist as an Amateur
  • 1 Time Gold Medalist in the 2012 Olympic Games
  • Silver Medalist in the World Championship
  • Gold Medalist in the 2010 Great Britain Championship
  • Has Won and Defended many Heavyweight titles including WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO titles.

Anthony Joshua in the UFC 4 Game

Anthony Joshua was introduced into EA's UFC 4 game in late 2020.

Players from that point on, would be able to unlock and play with Anthony Joshua inside of the octagon.

Joshua wouldn't be the only Boxer that would be introduced into the game, as Heavyweight nemesis Tyson Fury will also be added.

tyson fury ufc 4 game

In addition, it wouldn't just be Boxers that would be added to the game, as Bruce Lee would also make an appearance just as he had in prior UFC games.

How to Unlock Anthony Joshua in UFC 4

You can unlock Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Bruce Lee by completing the Career Mode and becoming 'The Greatest of All Time'.

unlock ufc 4 downloadable characters

By setting your career in the 'Easy' difficulty, you'll have a much faster time completing Career Mode.

Anthony Joshua's UFC 4 Stats

Anthony Joshua's stand up skills, in particular his punching power, punching speed, blocking, head movement and foot work are very highly rated.

However his grappling skills and leg kicks leave much to be desired (as expected).

anthony joshua stand up stats

anthony joshua grappling stats

anthony joshua grappling ufc 4

anthony joshua top moves ufc 4

His best moves all involve his hands, specifically the lead hooks, lead overhands, and regular hooks and overhands.

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