Is UFC 4 on Game Pass? | Explained

In this page, we will explain if UFC 4 is on Xbox's Game Pass, and if it is, how to get the game.

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Is UFC 4 on Game Pass?

Yes, UFC 4 is on Xbox's Game Pass, and those with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership are able to download it directly from their Xbox or Xbox app.

is ufc 4 on game pass

This means that you don't need to purchase the UFC 4 at an additional cost, as this game will be included with the membership.

How to Download UFC 4 on Game Pass

  1. Head to the Xbox Dashboard
  2. Select the 'Game Pass' app
  3. Select 'Search'
  4. Enter 'UFC 4' in the search bar
  5. Click 'Install'

xbox game pass on dashboard

search xbox game pass game

Your game will begin to install, and you'll be able to check the progress in your dashboard.

It normally takes around 30-60 minutes to install the full game, but it ultimately varies on your internet speed.

How to Get Game Pass

You can purchase Game Pass directly on your Xbox or online directly from the Xbox site.

Whether you're purchasing from your console or online, you'll need to be signed in to the account that you would like to add Game Pass to.

It'll then ask you to confirm which card you would like to use.

Auto Renew

You'll want to be aware that Game Pass has an auto renew option by default.

This means that if you purchase a Game Pass membership for a month, it will automatically renew your membership for the following month until you choose otherwise.

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