Can You Beat the First Fight on UFC 4 Career Mode?

When you begin UFC 4 Career Mode, your first fight won't be anything like you expect.

In this page, we will explain what the first fight will be, and whether or not you can beat the opponent on the first fight.

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What is the First Fight of UFC 4's Career Mode?

In the first fight of UFC 4's Career Mode, your character will begin the fight in the 3rd and final round of the fight.

You'll be instructed to survive against a much more skillful and tougher opponent.

survive the round

This opponent cannot be submitted and cannot be knocked out.

Can You Beat the First Fight on UFC 4 Career Mode?

You're not able to win the first fight of UFC 4's career mode, even if you have massive success against the AI opponent.

ufc 4 can you beat the first fight

Unfortunately, I did not know this when I first began the game, so I restarted my game over 10 times to attempt to win.

Spoiler alert: I lost all of them, some via knock out, others via submission, and even by decision.

I definitely thought 'I must just be bad at this game', but it turns out many other people have had this experience.

Further research online and several YouTube videos from UFC 4 streamers later, and I would realize that players aren't supposed to win the first fight.

Taking the Opponent to a Decision

Towards the end of the final 10 tries, I would begin to have a lot of success against the opponent, being able to consistently land strikes and even land a knock down.

Although I was able to knock them down and deliver enough punishment to earn a 10-8 round, I was not able to finish my opponent.

The fight would end up going to the scorecards and the decision would be a 'Draw'.

Earning a Contract

If you have any type of success against your opponent in that final round, you'll be offered a choice to begin your career directly in the UFC, rather than the Regional scene.

ufc 4 career mode contract option

You'll want to be aware that if you do choose to go directly to the UFC, the fights will be much tougher, as the competition will be more skilled.

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