Is Sean O'Malley in UFC 4? | Explained

Sean O'Malley is one of the most popular fighters in not just the UFC, but in Mixed Martial Arts.

However, not all UFC fighters are initially in the UFC games.

In this page, we will explain if Sean O'Malley is in UFC 4, what his stats look like, and the best way to play when using him as a character.

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Is Sean O'Malley in UFC 4?

Sean O'Malley has been added to the UFC 4 game, and can be used as a playable character in the 135 lbs Bantamweight division. O'Malley's UFC 4 character is sporting the same hair color patterns that he wore in UFC 250.

is sean o malley in ufc 4

At UFC 250, O'Malley would put on a masterclass performance against former WEC champion Eddie Wineland, as he would win via Knockout.

The UFC 4 game did a great job nailing O'Malley's unique look with all of his tattoos, slim body with long limbs, and unique fighting style.

Sean O'Malley's UFC 4 Stats

O'Malley has a 4 star (out of 5) rating, with a primary fighting style of 'Kickboxer'.

Stand-Up Stats

Punch Speed: 93

Punch Power: 93

Accuracy: 97

Blocking: 89

Head Movement: 94

Footwork: 95

Switch Stance: 99

Takedown Defense: 86

Kick Power: 92

Kick Speed: 95

sean o malley ufc 4 striking stats

Grappling Stats

Takedown: 86

Top Control: 86

Bottom Control: 89

Submissions: 84

Submission Defense: 88

Ground Striking: 88

Clinch Striking: 87

Clinch Control: 87

sean o malley ufc 4 grappling stats

Health Stats

Cardio: 92

Chin: 92

Body: 89

Legs: 88

Recovery: 91

sean o malley ufc 4 health stats

The Best Way to Play as O'Malley

The best way to use O'Malley in the UFC 4 game is by playing the 'distance' game, and fighting from a longer range.

O'Malley is so long that he's quickly able to cover distance to throw strikes, and then get back out of the opponent's range.

sean o malley ufc 4 character

Additionally, just as O'Malley does in real life, you'll want to switch stances consistently (99 Switch Stance stat).

This will allow you to throw a bunch of different looks at your opponent, and not let them begin to pick up on your patterns.

His best weapons are:

  • Straight punches
  • Superman punches
  • Spin kicks
  • Front kicks
  • Side kicks

His top moves are:

  • Celtic Cross (Y)
  • Roundhouse kick (LB + B)
  • Body Straight punch (LT + Y)
  • Lead Spinning Heel Kick (LB + RB + X)

One of the coolest features of playing as O'Malley is that when you miss a body roundhouse kick with him, you can seamlessly transition into a spinning head kick, which always catches opponents off guard.

The only other player that we've seen be able to do that so far, is Bruce Lee.

What to Avoid

His grappling and wrestling game as of the time of this writing aren't anything special, so you'll want to avoid this during the fight.

It's important to note that these stats can increase if O'Malley is able to display his skills in a UFC fight (in real life).

Additionally, the health of his body and legs aren't the best either.

So, if your opponent begins to spray you with body strikes and leg strikes, you'll want to monitor that, as you can't eat too many of those.

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