How to Fix UFC 4 Lag | 3 Easy Solutions

Nothing ruins your experience while fighting on UFC 4 than when you experience lag.

In this page, we will explain why lag happens, and how to fix lag when playing UFC 4.

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Why Does Lag Happen?

UFC 4 relies on peer to peer connection, which means that both players fighting must have a reliable and stable connection, in order to have a normal experience.

When the internet speed of a player is slow or shaky, packet losses occur (which means internet packets aren't moving at a fast enough speed), and the game will begin lagging.

sean o malley in ufc 4

This is a less than optimal experience for either player, as the game will pause for seconds at a time, not allowing either fighter to throw strikes, or react to them in real-time.

It can quickly get frustrating.

Eventually, if the player's connection does not improve, they will be disconnected from the game.

How to Fix UFC 4 Lag

Plug Directly to the Wall/Router

Connecting an Ethernet cable directly to a wall jack or to the router will immediately create faster internet speeds.

A wired connection will always bring faster speeds than WiFi, as Ethernet cables are thicker and stronger than WiFi antennas.

Restart Your Router

It seems that the first solution to any internet problems is to restart your router.

Ironically, this fixes most problems.

If you begin to lag on UFC 4, you'll want to restart your router immediately (after your game), and before searching for a new match.

The most effective way to restart your router is by power cycling your router.

Use the 5.0Ghz WiFi Connection

If you aren't able to plug in directly and have to use WiFi, you'll want to ensure that you're on the 5.0Ghz connection.

Nowadays, most routers come with two different types of WiFi connections:

  • 2.4Ghz
  • 5.0Ghz

The 2.4Ghz has a longer range, but is much slower.

Think of this WiFi being more designed to open garage doors (while pulling in to your house from a longer distance away).

The 5.0Ghz WiFi is designed for faster speeds, but with shorter range (intended for using devices inside of your house).

Are EA Servers Down?

Lastly, EA servers may simply be down or experiencing issues at the moment.

are ea servers down

You'll want to check DownDetector, which is a site where users can report whether they are experiencing some type of issues with the EA servers.

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