Who is Dillon Danis? | Everything You Need to Know

Dillon Danis's name has floated around the internet for several years. It can be randomly seen throughout the comments of every major MMA media post, or even the post of fighters.

But who is Dillon Danis and why is he famous? In this page we will discuss.

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Who is Dillon Danis?

Dillon Danis is an accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, who gained his fame when he joined Conor McGregor's camp to become his Jiu Jitsu partner/coach. Danis trained Jiu Jitsu at Marcelo Garcia's academy when he decided to become a professional BJJ athlete.

Character Development

Danis hasn't always been outspoken however. During his training with McGregor, Danis would begin to develop his own outspoken and brash persona, that would work wonders for upping his notoriety, but would not go over well when he would train back at Marcelo Garcia's gym.

This would lead to Garcia suspending Danis from the gym, citing spreading positivity to one another, and caring for one another, rather than doing negative things for the growth of social media.

Garcia explains:

“Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down and you need a positive energy to receive positivity in return (…) if you care for people, people will care for you” Garcia said on the video, going on to mention that “I realise some people aren’t focusing on this, they are focusing on social media. Things that are not important, and they have forced me to make a decision.”

Transition Into MMA

Danis would then make a transition into MMA under the Bellator banner and fight twice. Danis would win both fights in the first round by submission, however it wasn't as easy as it seems.

In his first fight, Danis had a noticeable weakness in his striking as he would get tagged repeatedly before being able to pull guard and secure a toe hold submission.

Despite being undefeated in MMA however, Danis would undergo reconstructive knee surgery that would keep him on the sidelines since June of 2019.

Social Media Battles

If you are browsing through Instagram and click view all comments on a post, you'll naturally see the comments of accounts that are verified at the very top. This means that if a verified account decides to comment on a post, it's extremely visible to everyone viewing that post.

Danis takes advantage of this and seemingly comments on every single post that he can, but it's not a normal comment. It's typically an outrageous comment that has no chance of happening.

Danis has a BJJ record of 18 wins and 16 losses. When comparing that to fighters with the best BJJ in MMA, he doesn't even crack the top 10.

Danis also does a similar strategy on Twitter as he will respond to any tweet that has no correlation to him, and/or tweet that he will give one person who follows him $1,000.

Due to this plus his inactivity, MMA fans (and fighters) have become tired of his 'shtick' to the point that many respected people have began responding back.

Even MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani has joined in on the fun:

Lastly, Michael Bisping has also had enough of his back and forth with Danis.


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